High Jewellery
Luca Carati High Jewellery is the highest expression of our passion for diamonds, protagonist of classic and timeless jewel
Diamonds of various shapes, carefully selected and set, give life to elegant and exclusive creations
A Matter of Light
Luca Carati expresses its stylistic identity with the Light of princess cut diamonds.
A Matter of Light jewels are characterized by a minimal attitude and decisive design thanks to the interplay between shiny solid and diamond surfaces.
Less is more, refine to achieve the Essence
Art Deco
The shapes and the spirit of the American Art Deco
From the first skyscrapers to jewelry, among various disciplines such as arts, architecture and interior design, the use of edgy shapes, “V” patterns and rays have been very popular during this great artistic moment
Excitement, amazement and surprise are just a few of the emotions evoked by a jewel of such distinction and versatility. Playing with the idea of transforming an object viewed as immutable has allowed us to create movement and change, without forgetting it is first and foremost a jewel
Elegance, grace, precision and technique are the characteristics of this precious object-craft;
Plié shows an extraordinary innovation in jewellery, the pendant transforms from a prism to a three-dimensional star shape
Its unsual shape reflects a new era of this amazing creation; a modern and dynamic jewel
Shapes inspired by nature, simple leaves and wild flowers, for a piece of jewelry to be worn every day, fresh and simple, without renouncing to the elegance and class of a handmade Italian jewel
Unique Rings
Unique rings enriched by top quality and various shape diamonds
Everlasting jewels perfect for an unforgettable special occasion
Thanks to a clean and essential setting the diamond shines from each angles
The absolute simplicity of Luca Carati classics collection makes a timeless jewel to be worn every day